School of the Damned (SOTD) is an alternative art school, set up in (2014) in reaction to the rising cost of academic fees. The cohort of 2020 is roughly 30 people, spread across the UK & Berlin, with an interest in art making, art theory and alternative models of education. School of the Damned has no fixed location and no tuition fees and traditionally met up once a month to organise and discuss the school.

SOTD has a growing reputation as one of the most recognisable alternative education platforms. We promote artists and organise spaces for learning. We do so on a labour- exchange model, meaning, we do not pay partners and collaborators but instead exchange time, energy and skills. This is a practical alternative to unpaid application writing, upholding profit-driven aims and being unable to critique large arts institutions and organisations we work with. We have the collective power to challenge arts institutions and promote social change with a large network.

*During COVID-19, like many non-profit groups, SOTD has slowed itโ€™s work to grapple with our instability as gig-economy workers. Few of us have the privilege of doing labour that benefits our wellbeing in exchange for housing, food and other necessities; many of us have recently lost employment altogether. School of the Damned 2020 started in January, due to the events of this year, weโ€™ve decided to extend our academic year.

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